Wealth Creation Simplified

Beat the FDs’

(Govt. & Corp. Bonds)

Return : 8-10%
Risk : Very low
Horizon : 1 yr



(Equity & Debt)

Return : 12%
Risk : Moderate
Horizon : 3 yr



(Top Sectors)

Return : 15%
Risk : Moderate
Horizon : 5 yr


Build Wealth

(Quality Companies)

Return : 15-18%
Risk : Moderate
Horizon : 10 yr


Please Note : Above returns are subject to market risk and its displayed for education purpose only

SIP Calculator

Monthly Investment
Investment Period
Expected Return(%)
Total Investment
Future Value

Power of Compounding

100,000 Lakh grows X Time

Growth Rate 05 Years 10 Years 15 Years 20 Years 25 Years
7%Beat the FDs 1.40 X 1.96 X 2.75 X 3.85 X 5.42 X
10%Beat the FDs 1.61 X 2.56 X 4.17 X 6.72 X 10.83 X
12%Balanced 1.76 X 3.10 X 5.47 X 9.64 X 17.05 X
15%Themes 2.01 X 4.04 X 8.13 X 16.36 X 32.91 X
20%Build Wealth 2.48 X 6.19 X 15.40 X 38.33 X 95.39 X

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Your Present Age
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Your Life Expectancy
Your Current Monthly Expenses
Inflation Rate
Your Monthly Expenses at Retirement age

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About Us

Wealth creation is a process and requires tactical shifts in asset allocations. Our aim is to provide the best investment advisory backed by quantitative and qualitative research.  We provide investment recommendations with a risk meter, which helps investors to execute based on one’s risk profile in achieving their Financial Goals. Pile of Wealth is a comprehensive platform responsible for the overall investment management process. It guides you on the stock selection which in turn helps in portfolio enhancement and wealth creation.


Mr. Ronak Moondra is a MS in Financial Engineering (USA), holds Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification from GARP USA and currently is a candidate for Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA Level III) USA. He is also the Founder of Trading Campus- knowledge partner with NSE Academy. His domain expertise is Portfolio & Risk Management, Quantitative Investment strategies and Financial Modeling. He has over 15 years of experience in Quantitative Portfolio Management in International and Domestic markets.

ABDUL QAADIR QURESHI Chief of Operations

Mr. Abdul Qaadir is a Chartered Wealth Manager (CWML1 - AAFM), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA - ICFAI)/MS (Finance) and B.Tech (IT). He has over 12 years of experience in the Finance and Asset Management. He has previously held position as an Equity Research Analyst, Associate – Asset Management, Managing Partner – Investments and Head – Asset Management.

Progress partners

Nitin Agarwal, Nikunj Lakum, Nisha Thakkar, Diptesh Dalvi

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all we charge relatively low advisory fees from our clients for managing their investment folios. Secondly, we have a unique blend of solid investment research and quantitative approach for portfolio construction. Thirdly, we follow a disciplined & process-driven approach to manage our client’s investments.

With Build Wealth folio, our objective is to create long term wealth for our investors. We do it by investing their hard earned money in quality companies which are market leaders in their respective industry and possess competitive advantage against its peers. We only purchase these companies at attractive valuations based on our proprietary valuation models.

In our Themefolio, with our macroeconomic and financial market research we identify sectors which are cyclically correlated and non-correlated with economic cycle. We add sectors funds and sector related securities based on sector cycle, sector valuation levels as well as relative peer valuations and manage the portfolio tactically for higher capital appreciation.

In our Balancedfolio, we construct a diversified portfolio of multiple asset classes with well researched mutual funds schemes where the fund manager has shown consistent performance with low portfolio turnover and the portfolio constitutes good quality securities.

In our Beat the FDfolio, we construct a client’s fixed income portfolio with high quality and rated companies bonds, government bonds as well as well researched debt mutual fund schemes portfolios that assure high quality debt instruments and performance of the fund manager on security selection has been consistent and delivered higher return compared to his peers and market benchmark.

We charge a nominal consulting fee based on your portfolio size

Minimum investment required INR 5,00,000

The money can be invested in SIP form also within one year.

Once you have shared your contact details with us, we call up and understand your requirement. Based on your investment objective, risk appetite and investment horizon we suggest you an appropriate folio.

Once you have selected our folio, we mail you the investment policy statement in which we detail our complete operating activity that is been taken care by us. Once you agree over the process and then send us your approval we then begin with your account opening process.

Yes. For your portfolio execution we have tie up with companies that provide both of us with technology solution as well as transactional solution. This makes our process of execution, performance measurement and risk management seamless.

We would be requiring yours:

  1. Photograph
  2. Pan Card Copy
  3. Adhar Card Copy
  4. Cancel Cheque of your Bank Account

Once your account opening begins, our executive shall get in touch with you and guide you though the account opening process.

You can transfer the desired amount that you want to invest in your depositary account with us. From there on we take the responsibility to allocate your money based on the investment policy mandate that you have agreed upon.

You will be provided with your unique login id and password. These credentials will be sent you by our technology partner who provides us with the advisory execution platform. You can login into your account and monitor your portfolio performance.

No. You are not enabled to make any changes in your portfolio by yourself. However if you want some changes to take place then you have to speak to your investment advisor about it.

Yes. The advisor mentions his rational for making his investment selection which is based on his research and finding.

Yes. All investments decision taken behalf of the clients are for the long term. Ie. Their investment holding period is beyond one year from investment date.

We would suggest an investment horizon of 3 to 5 years or more in a folio to reap the benefit.

There would be multiple entry and exits throughout the life of the product and we would strongly recommend that you hold on to your investments in a disciplined manner, else the expected and actual returns may be different.

Yes, you can put additional investment in your selected portfolio

You cannot do partial withdrawal from the portfolio. For urgent withdrawals, kindly notify the advisor beforehand so that he can make the appropriate adjustments in your portfolio.

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